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Jeff Kaufman @ 2024-06-20T02:09 (+1) in response to Why so many “racists” at Manifest?

"Didn't mean" is fuzzy in this sort of case. I'd put "he expected a good number of readers would interpret the referent of 'animals' to be 'black people' and was positive on that interpretation ending up in their minds" at more likely than not.

Buck @ 2024-06-20T04:43 (+7)

I’d bet against that but not confident

ChanaMessinger @ 2024-06-10T12:59 (+2) in response to Caruso's Quick takes

Buck, do you have any takes on how good this seems to you / how good the arguments in the manifesto for doing this work seem to you? (No worries if not or you don't want to discuss publicly)