Let's have Cambridge/Boston EA coworking!

By indiraschka @ 2024-06-09T16:45 (+4)

Hello, fellow EAs in the Cambridge area!

Whether you're working on your day job or personal endeavours that are EA-adjacent, I believe we can all benefit from in-person coworking. 

I realized when working in person at Founders Inc in San Francisco, my productivity increased by 5 times. The main reason was quick feedback and knowledge sharing.

Who am I? (Personal doc, website)

I'm Yoyo Yuan from Minerva University and my main interests are neurotech, bio-inspired computing and community building. In the past, I have worked on using swarm drones to collect 3d data, developing a haptic control system for swarm robots and basic brain-computer interface projects.

I'm starting a new project within bio-inspired computing while building a collaborative community in neurotech. I just moved to Cambridge from San Francisco and want to know more people locally.

I'm willing support your work and give feedback especially if you work in a relevant area. 

Ideal coworking setup:

If you're interested:

Please comment below, send a private message here or message on X! Include your availability and preferred location, thanks!