Current paths to impact in EU AI Policy (Feb '24)

By JOMG_Monnet @ 2024-02-12T15:57 (+41)

This document aims to outline paths to how EU AI Policy could be shaped in the short, mid, and long term, given that the EU AI Act opens new doors for impact. Since I expect a lot of path dependency, it is very likely a great option to join organisations like the EU AI Office immediately when these are set up in the following months.

About the author: I am someone well-versed in EU AI policy, having spent considerable time in the field and building a strong network. I am posting anonymously because discussing policy paths openly could affect my reputation.

Working on enforcement of the EU AI Act (and monitoring of risks)

Work for the EU AI Office

This is overall the largest opportunity for impact, and I would highly encourage people to make plans to join this (and encourage your talented friends as well). We know the EU AI Office wants to hire 100 people in total, of which ~80 are coming from outside of DG CONNECT.

Work for national member state authorities

They will play an enormous role in enforcing the EU AI Act, e.g. the Authoriteit Persoonsgegevens in The Netherlands. Other countries very likely have similar structures in place.

Work in think tanks 

that advise on the best enforcement structure, e.g. CEPS, The Future Society, EPC, FLI, and other Brussels-based think tanks.


Working on potential future regulation / preventing further watering down of AI regulation 

Important for short, mid and long-term


Working on compute governance 


Some other options


Some general tips based on giving career advice to dozens of people